Facts Optional

Written too hard

Once you read this, perhaps you'll understand why I was considering "The Trouble With Scribbles" as an alternate title.

There’s something squirrely in the debt ceiling

Let's tear the roof off those suckers.

Eclipse Job, or Sun of a Bitch

That was a lot of build-up for 2 minutes and 8 seconds of... what, exactly?

Taking a LePage From History

Our governor has been consistent -- gotta give him that.


This was almost finished and then came Tuesday's impromptu Statement #3...

The Princess and the Pee Stain

There's sensitive, and then there's just being spiteful.

Road Hard, Put Away Wet

This was one election that required mud-slinging.

My search for happiness (on Google)

Still looking...

This Does Not Compute

The irony in today's subject is that it came to me while listening to streaming music through an app on my wi-fi connected smartphone, which was wirelessly transmitting the tunes to the Bluetooth speaker my friend Bert gave me for... Continue Reading →

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