Scary Decisis

I’m part of the team now, and I call the shots,
so I spoke to Hannity (newsman ersatz)
and proceeded to tell him things he did not know,
like: Trump reimbursed Mikey C. for the dough.

But nothing to see here, no campaign misdeed.
These payments — to Trump, he just thought, “Chicken feed.”
A false allegation; attempt at extortion;
quite common among those with fame and/or fortune.

While various statements may not reconcile,
there’s still nothing here for discovery, pre-trial.
No laws have been broken; cash paid as retainer.
These funds came from neither campaign nor campaigner.

And while we were chatting, I saw fit to mention
a few more tidbits for the public’s attention:
some FBI agents I said were “stormtroopers.”
(Which put some Trump staffers right into a stupor.)

Relations between Trump and Comey were fraught;
would not answer Trump’s question: “Target or not?”
I also said I had been offered, but passed
on Jeff Session’s job. How’s that for your broadcast?

The next morning, I kept on running my mouth.
My chances for Session’s job now going south.
Some say in this rush to provide some insight
I helped Mueller’s team clear a path to indict.

If that is the case, then I’ll say I was sorry.
I’ll leave Donald’s orbit, and go on safari.
But maybe I wouldn’t have gone on and on if
I weren’t representing a — how you say? — gonif.

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