A Formula For Disaster

They say our country pushed against a U.N. resolution
To encourage use of breast milk in impoverished towns and cities
To make all their children healthy. It’s a common-sense solution:
You would think that Trump supports it, since we know his love of titties.

This then caused some consternation at the World Health Assembly,
With the resolution thought to be approved without commotion.
So it came as quite a shock to find Americans unfriendly
With the health of children riding in the balance of that motion.

Reports of pressure on the delegation Ecuadorian
Were quickly called untrue by folks from Health and Human Services.
One wouldn’t say they tap-danced, but still used words terpsichorean,
Promoting feeding “choices” for what comes from women’s cervixes.

According to the news reports, our own U.S. contingent
Made a threat to pull assistance from a region wracked with violence.
It is hard to think of anything considered more astringent:
Playing games with babes’ nutrition seems to be the work of nihilists.

The motivation here is just a huge capitulation
To the interests of the companies that manufacture formula.
Their profit-driven campaigns of influence and persuasion
Claiming breast-milk substitutions will still make your baby warm to ya’.

It’s been a common theme throughout the Trump administration;
They will set a course designed to screw plain folks, while industries improve.
How horrible to bargain with mere kids: here, and forced separation.
Lesson in anatomy: there’s Donald Trump — looks like a boob.

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