Racist To The Bottom

The midterms are coming – it’s not time for trite jokes:
I’m trying to put fear of God into the white folks.
That caravan’s coming; a pending invasion
Made up of bad people (and none are Caucasian).

Those Central Americans (some come from elsewhere)
Are bringing diseases (how’s that for a health scare?).
The Dems sent them invites; they’re RSVP’ing.
And each one who comes? A threat to your well-being.

They’re bringing in crime and they’re bringing in terror.
(I keep making claims like this, all rife with error.)
I’m telling the truth to you, as I am able.
(Which isn’t that often, so let’s stick to fable.)

That cop-killer video I just retweeted?
A last-ditch attempt to get all Dems unseated.
(The facts here, despite what is said in this push:
Released by Arpaio, snuck back under Bush.)

It’s not just those migrants approaching our border
Who pose a grave threat to our law and our order.
There’s also some candidates, who it has been shown,
Deserve condemnation (based solely on skin tone).

There’s Gillum in Florida; that man’s a thief.
His time in the spotlight, I hope, will be brief.
And Abrams in Georgia; I said she’s not qualified.
If she gets elected, you all should be mollified.

And out there in Cali, my man Duncan Hunter
Has made claims that could not be thought any blunter.
Says terrorist ties are in place – such incitement.
(Please never mind Duncan is under indictment.)

And then there’s my old standby: my friend Maxine,
Whose IQ, I state, is the lowest I’ve seen.
Those pipe bombs she got, from the fellow who sent ‘em,
May not have blown up – but killed Red Wave momentum.

LeBron James: no genius; nor is that Don Lemon.
We white folks are now facing our Armageddon.
I claim I’m the least racist man that you’ll meet –
No proof otherwise… ‘til I send my next tweet.

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