Veterans Daze

I flew off to Paris, a city of bliss,
To celebrate World War I’s armistice.
I’d once thought of throwing my own grand parade,
But outlandish costs scuttled plans that I’d made.

First order of business was for me to visit
And pay my respects to the dead; how tough is it?
But plans for that homage came to a quick end
Because it had started to rain chats et chiens.

As leaders who’d come from both sides of equator
Assembled together, I showed up much later.
And after that furor, another one comes up
When Vladimir Putin gives me a big thumbs up.

Another sharp nail hammered into my coffin
When Macron insulted me, early and often.
First he said Europe should have its own army
And then said that nationalism was barmy.

While all this was going on, I of course tweeted:
Though not all votes counted, my allies unseated.
Made insinuations of fraud by the Democrats.
(Yet voter suppression: GOP no problemo at.)

Despite losing House seats (and suburban women)
I claimed a big victory, with confidence brimmin’.
But truth be told, these midterms: repudiation
Of how I have chosen to govern this nation.

If this weren’t enough, I unleashed one more rankle
And managed to step in shit up to my ankle:
Named Acting A.G. who thinks fed courts are very
Inferior; states the worst ruling was Marbury.

Seems like I may have lost track of my mojo,
Lurching from one to another imbroglio.
Even Michelle O. has written I wronged her.
Next overseas trip – I’ll stay away longer.

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