Hit Below The Beltway

In this corner, weighs in at two-thirty-nine (just a pound or so short of obese),
The reigning World Champeen – his hair full of spray, and his trunks neatly pressed with a crease.
And here comes his challenger; steps in the ring in the midst of the government lockout:
The former and present-day House of Reps Speaker, who says she’ll deliver a knockout.

A contrast in styles: he is known as a bully, whereas her approach is much calmer.
He comes from the fractiousness of the Big Apple, and she’s from the Charm City: Bal’mer.
For fans of the fight game, awaiting this tussle, they’ll follow the outcome quite closely:
It’s Donald “Let’s Keep ‘Em Out” Trump versus Nancy “No Wall Money Ever“ Pelosi.

They say they’re both in for the long-haul; this contest is going to be quite a slug fest –
As long as the fact that he gobbles Propecia won’t cause Trump to fail any drug test.
She’s gone on the record as saying it’s time for the country to look at upgrading its
Old way of wall-thinking, while fans wait to see if the Prez makes a grab at her lady bits.

The “Fight of the Century” this has been billed as; some people have called it a cage match.
Despite all his tweet-punches thrown in defense, Donald finds there’s no easy escape hatch.
Pelosi is small, but she’s fierce; known for steely resolve by all, characteristically.
While Trump is a brawler, the odds are Pelosi may still have the edge pugilistically.

A battle of wills, and the punches they’re throwing aren’t physical; rather, rhetorical.
Trump’s gone from a wall of concrete to steel slats, and the latest: it’s just metaphorical.
While Nancy says walls are immoral; old thinking; too costly, and not democratic. In
Response, Donald Trump (and his flak, Sarah Sanders) say, “Take a good look at the Vatican.”

It seems Trump’s the one who first called for this fight, and Pelosi said, “Put up your dukes.”
And neither has flinched (at least, not that we’ve seen) in the face of incessant rebukes.
The government workers, all caught in the middle, concerned this fight dashes their hopes,
But so far the Speaker has rolled with the punches, while Trump seems to be on the ropes.

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