Supremacy What I Did There

I’m not a racist – Pelosi’s a racist.
“The Squad” went on TV, and they all made faces.
So what if I said it’s clear they hate our country?
If they want to leave, they should do so.

Am I at all vexed by this tumult I’ve fathered?
It doesn’t concern me; I’m really not bothered.
I truly don’t care how the haters confront me
Since others agree with me, you know.

If you are not happy here, you should go back
To the place where your ancestors lived in a shack.
How my base laps it up when I speak out so bluntly;
They say, “Love the insults that you throw!”

Your feelings were hurt someone called you a Commie?
Boo-hoo all you want, and then go run to Mommy.
I’ve made fear of others my next battlefront, see?
And racism’s part of my trousseau.

You criticize me and I’ll launch a new tweet.
I won’t bother with facts since I send it tout de suite.
And if you don’t agree my remarks were demeaning
It’s clear, as to racism, which way you’re leaning.

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