Dais Ex Machina

I think we’ve got a cure here: it’s hydroxychloroquine.
It’s a welcome bit of good news, as I find myself between
A rather hard place and a rock as I careen through this pandemic:
Although not approved for treatment, that distinction’s academic.

Ahead of all my experts seems I once again I have gotten,
Making claims not based in fact: a web I find I’m often caught in.
What’s the risk in stating this drug will pan out as a game changer?
There’s a chance it’s not effective, so false hope is the main danger.

It seems once again I’ve gotten quite far out over my ski tips –
Like some months ago, when I said this would go away, and meet its
Quick demise, and flat-out disappear once April temps got warmer.
A pandemic, or a hoax? Appears I now believe the former.

In the midst of this health crisis, I can still arrange to carve out
Time to go after my enemies, no matter who they are; spout
My complaints against the media and Democratic party,
Which will sometimes reach the status of commedia dell’arte.

I am doing a fantastic job, which no one seems inclined to
Give me credit for. But here’s a game to play while you’re confined to
Stay at home: at every briefing, when I pop up on the dais,
Make a guess at what the latest horseshit you think I will say is.

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