States’ Rights, States Wrong

“LIBERATE!” I said it thrice;
Obliterating my advice
To call your own shots in each state.
Revolt I will insinuate.

“LIBERATE!” I said, as though
Pontificating made it so
That folks should go outside and crowd
Together, though it’s not allowed.

“LIBERATE!” – a rally’s cry,
With bitter hate as they ask why
You keep them locked up safe inside,
Ignoring counts of those who died.

“LIBERATE!” and, also, “GUNS!”
Anticipate I speak in tongues –
Conflating stay-at-home with gun rights:
That charge ought to make for some fights.

“LIBERATE!” from tyranny.
Originate conspiracy
Where none existed – ‘til I backed
The nut jobs my campaign attracts.

As “LIBERATE!” becomes my shout,
Recrimination – vote me out –
I’m risking here, because this
Stand might liberate me from my office.

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