A Riotous Success

The moment called for reconciliation and some healing;
that onslaught I belatedly called “heinous.”
The riot I incited with my calls to stop the stealing?
I governed with my head right up my anus.

Our tempers must be cooled and we must have some calm restored.
(I said those words but really didn’t mean them.
Appearing impotent’s a look that I could ill-afford
with my flock once I tweeted to convene them.)

My only goal: ensuring the integrity of votes,
with confidence and faith placed in the outcome.
Let’s all ignore the violence my attitude promotes;
no need for panic – is there any doubt? Some…

They’ve analyzed my speech, my words – they all thought to a “T”
all statements that I’ve offered were appropriate.
Although some in the GOP are now upset with me,
most act as though I’ve given them an opiate.

To all of my supporters: you are wonderful, and yet
I know you’re disappointed, but keep fighting.
Our journey’s just beginning, so there’s no need for regret.
The next rebellion: even more exciting.

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