A student’s unfiltered response while off-campus created quite a stir.

A cheerleader posted on Snapchat
a diatribe, using a swear word.
Her school district took umbrage at that;
a free speech debate this affair stirred.

The school said, “We don’t like your cussin’,
so from the squad you are suspended;
there’s nothing more here to discuss.” In
the view of this girl, her speech rights were upended.

Cheerleading is one kind of team sport;
this girl was removed from the JV.
“Too harsh,” ruled our nation’s Supreme Court,
over words sailors use in the Navy.

To limit the speech rights of students,
the proverbial term: “slippery slope.”
Here, the punishment best thought as prudent:
have her smartphone’s mouth washed out with soap.

“F-Bombastic” — read by the author.

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