Paint Misbehavin’

“Paint Misbehavin'” — read by the author.

Artistic license is one thing, but this action was beyond the pale.

A guard in an art-filled museum
did something to make patrons scre-am:
he pulled out a pen,
defaced artwork – and then
he got canned. So much for his per diem.

In Russia this painting was hanging.
The guard was “bored” – hence, this haranguing.
An urge to disfigure,
it seems, was the trigger
for this scurrilous Sturm und Drang thing.

The factor I don’t understand is:
Had this newly-hired watchperson planned this?
First day on the job,
and he chooses to swab
ink upon an invaluable canvas.

While the damage inflicted was minimal,
his actions here still are inimical.
“Three Figures” – once eyeless,
attacked with a stylus.
Art critic? Nope – just a dim criminal.

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