Badger of Dishonor

Several GOP Senators let their freak flags fly during a recent hearing.

What’s a “woman”? Please define it.
Are you soft on kiddie porn?
Gender: would you not assign it
based on how the baby’s born?

All those bombers in Guantanamo
you attempted to defend –
some committee members wanna know:
how’d that turn out in the end?

Did you use the phrase “war criminal”?
Are you hot for CRT?
Your agenda seems subliminal
since you won’t ‘splain it to me.

Can a baby be a racist?
Is a President a king?
Can you please explain the basis
of your views on everything?

Can you spell “stare decisis”?
Do you have support from Manchin?
Could you say what your advice is
as regards the court’s expansion?

Could you tell us your religion?
Is dark money’s sway corrupting?
Could you speak up just a smidgen –
unless I am interrupting?

Can you give us your critique
on books kids read in Georgetown Day School?
See Ted Cruz – that Texas freak:
he got worked up; Ketanji stayed cool.

Would you kindly name the justices
your activism drew upon?
The reason you can’t trust us is:
we take our cues from QAnon.

While we claim we’re impressed
by your reserve and perspicacity,
we just won’t take a rest
from self-promotion and jackassery.

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