Blast It All

Tulsa marked 20 mass shootings since Uvalde…

More guns than people, so it’s said –
and now nineteen more children dead.
Let’s arm the teachers, lock the doors.
“Trust God,” the GOP implores.

A good guy who is fully armed
will make sure children are not harmed –
unless, of course, he isn’t there,
or AR-15s make him scared.

These gunmen must be maniacs
to launch these bloody, heinous acts.
Along with math and reading skills,
kids practice active shooter drills.

If every teacher had a gun
then they could take out someone’s son
in instances when cops arrive
too late to keep young folks alive.

Some think it’s truly fine and dandy:
hand out guns as if they’re candy.
Teens buy semi-automatics;
limit that? Don’t be dogmatic.

Let’s not wait until they’re grown:
give school kids weapons of their own.
The NRA will surely back this:
recess used for target practice.

Notebooks, pencils, pens, lunchboxes,
posters showing what a Glock is.
Lesson plans? Well, here’s a strong one:
“How to Operate a Long Gun.”

Give each kid a pocket pistol –
if their aim is good, then this’ll
keep the bad guys out, ensuring
little tykes keep on maturing.

Parents should not be alarmed
if we make children better-armed.
The choice is: shoot, or else be shot –
since legislators won’t do squat.

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