How The Mighty Oath Has Fallen

I’ve given this a lot of thought, so please don’t think me rash:
let’s throw out the Constitution, with some other Commie trash.
It no longer serves a purpose; just some scribbling on a sheepskin
that facilitates the MASSIVE FRAUD I claim to be knee-deep in.

The election that was STOLEN was a cunning, brazen theft;
a conspiracy of left-wing scheming, leaving me bereft
of several million votes that otherwise would be cast in my favor.
And therefore from the rule of law I’m pushing for a waiver.

Then there is the scandal of the so-called “Twitter Files,”
which tossed my re-election hopes into the shitter while
the lame-stream media and others launched a vigorous philippic,
squashing devastating evidence of Hunter Biden’s dick pics.

As a government official, there’s an oath you’re made to swear to.
But my only sworn allegiance is to me, so I don’t care to.
I make out I’ve been abused when, point in fact, I’m the abuser.
Here’s a fact that can be sworn to: I’m a petulant sore loser.

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