Fake Nunes

Colbert said I was a [REDACTED].
He did this on national TV.
I went on Fox News and reacted;
His joke wasn’t funny to me.

Such comments present us with danger.
Loose lips can sink ships – that’s a fact.
My memo became a game-changer;
The Dems chose to over-react.

My nemesis, Schiff, was sarcastic.
Destroying me – that’s Adam’s mission.
Jeff Flake I considered bombastic,
And plan to charge him with sedition.

The left, through their media bias,
Keep conservatives under attack.
Interminable and impious.
I’m sick of Colbert talking smack.

This country was built upon freedoms,
With speech at the highest degree.
But I’m not sure we really need ‘em
When hate speech’s directed at me.

So, look out! You left-wing subversives.
Since I’m the Chair of the committee –
Manipulative and coercive –
I’ll make all your lives really shitty.

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