Lawsuit Yourself

The Democrat Party has now been inspired
To sue some defendants they say all conspired
To steal the election from Hillary Clinton.
A whole lotta folks may require fingerprintin’.

The Russians, the Trump campaign, and WikiLeaks
Accused of defrauding through many techniques:
Computer fraud, wiretapping, trespassing, RICO.
Some big-name defendants with matching-sized egos.

The lawsuit accuses a number of treachery
(But not Trump specifically, like with all that lechery.)
These parties allegedly, without compunction,
Took actions to cause electoral dysfunction.

The theft of trade secrets – a common refrain;
Like donation info, and who was Tim Kaine?
The overview given about the conspiracy
Suggests even Putin reacted deliriously.

Among those whose lawlessness did not comport
Were Kushner, Trump Junior, and Paul Manafort.
The list of names limited not just to those:
Additionally, there’s ten different “John Doe”s.

Another defendant: Emil Agalarov.
The Russian pop charts he was known as the star of.
His father also a defendant; that’s funny —
Until you remember he has LOTS of money.

The DNC’s seeking substantial relief
As spelled out in this civil action’s case brief:
Damages punitive and statutory.
I wonder how Fox News will cover this story?

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