Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word

A person who’s an aide of mine joked John McCain was dying.
Most everyone who heard about it found it horrifying.
Some say that I should fire her, or send her on safari –
But that won’t happen: Trump administration don’t do “sorry.”

We’re trying to put a spin on it, and rail against the leak,
‘Cause if we say, “We’re sorry,” then it makes us all look weak.
I’ve never made a statement that required a retraction,
So all those working for me now adopt the same reaction.

Some years ago I said I would apologize – if wrong.
I promise that I will, when that occasion comes along.
The worst thing I am guilty of might be hyperbole,
But expressions of regret? Not found in my philology.

The media comes after me, with laptops overheating,
Sometimes when all I’m guilty of is carelessly retweeting.
I’ll never say I’m sorry for somebody else’s words:
I can’t be blamed when I am just repeating what I’ve heard.

The mainstream media keeps track of what they call my lies,
But not for anything I’ve said will I apologize.
The consequences likewise for this woman will be zero,
Since during the campaign I mocked McCain: “captured war hero.”

Speaking your own truth: idea put forth by Oprah Winfrey.
I’ve always thought like that, and it’s allowed me to live sin-free.
Not I, nor any on my staff, regret the things we’ve said.
McCain may have brain cancer, but it’s my team that’s brain dead.

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