It’s A Family Affair

After all of the bluster, and so much bravado,
I went soft inside like an old avocado.
I said that the Dems had to change the law. Then:
I claimed I had ended this farce with my pen.

My daughter Ivanka – she tweeted her props:
The credit for fixing this she gave to Pops.
She made a great effort to stir up applause
Despite knowing my actions were the root cause.

Our world reputation will surely be blighted
Until we get mother and child reunited.
But their so-called “fathers” we may still let hang,
Since they might belong to a Honduran gang.

My first tweets said, “Let’s fix this immigrant mess.”
But then I said, “Nope – after midterms is best.”
Pictures of sadness and grief I’ve called “phony” –
And that’s just the mildest of my acrimony.

I’ve blamed all the Democrats; I’ve blamed Obama.
I’ve blamed family therapists who use the word “trauma.”
I’ve blamed a big crime wave on those I’ve called “insects”
(Although these statistics have not really been checked).

This issue came down to a picture all saw –
A little girl crying in front of the law.
It turns out she may not have been separated.
But still – public outcry has not been abated.

Jeff Sessions was clear when he rolled out this process:
“Come here with your children, you may suffer losses.”
But now he says, “No – that was not the intention
Of this ‘zero-tolerance’ program’s ascension.”

The media won’t tell the whole story here:
I staged an event; families lost someone dear
At the hands of illegals, so my point is proven.
That’s why I keep pushing the ICE team to move in.

I cherry-picked families. My message: subliminal.
I used them to say, “All illegals are criminal.”
Their pain is quite real; we all feel their rage —
But I didn’t put twelve black families on stage
Whose children were shot by police, and then claim
That every cop’s bad, and they all share the blame.

We’ve tried hard to spin it; so far there’s no winner.
Why, poor Kirstjen Nielsen could not get through dinner!
So, although I’ve claimed that this issue’s been fixed,
There’s still quite a bit of turmoil in the mix.
I’ve said all will be back together by Sunday.
(I’m sure for these families it will be a fun day.)

But that effort can’t be considered narcotic:
The process is going to be quite chaotic.
Some children were placed far away from the border —
The records of which seem to be in disorder.

But I’ll keep on tweeting — I won’t acquiesce.
I’ll never admit this approach wasn’t best.
I’ll zig-zag and dodge and I won’t give a reason;
Instead, I’ll proclaim the press guilty of treason.

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