Darth Invader

We’re under invasion – or haven’t you noticed?
You’ve got to believe me, since I am your POTUS.
They’re flooding our borders regardless of season,
And this does not leave room for lovely Norwegians.

They’ve come here to take from us, steal your last dimes.
They’ve come to join gangs and commit heinous crimes.
They’ve come here to kill, and not pay any taxes.
(Ironic, perhaps, as our tax code relaxes.)

They bring with them children, who may not belong.
Why, some are “child actors” – they’ll belt out a song.
They’ll break into show biz and end up on Broadway
And take home a Tony Award via fraud way.

We close off our borders – crime comes to an end.
Just twenty-five billion is all we must spend.
We keep borders open – it’s MS-13.
It’s one or the other; there’s no in-between.

These policies focus on people Hispanic:
You don’t see a mop in their hands? You should panic.
The reasons they’re giving to come here aren’t valid
(Unless it’s to make me my fave taco salad).

Just step ‘cross the border – a case on the docket;
Judge now has to rule. Other countries all mock it.
Due process is such an annoyance… I hate it.
Our own Constitution is badly outdated.

When someone steps into the Trump Tower lobby,
I don’t like their looks? Toss ‘em out! (It’s my hobby.)
You try to sneak into our country through Mexico?
Then sure as the Red Hen needs paint, you’re the next to go.

I need for the Congress to quickly take action
Because this debate has become a distraction.
I’ve so much to focus on; my plate just gets fuller.
My highest priority: discredit Bob Mueller.

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