Hate Is Enough

The number of hate crimes once more has increased:
Third year in a row that this trend hasn’t ceased.
Same timeframe as campaign? Perhaps it’s related…
Just look at the list toward whom I’ve expressed hatred:

Think back to the campaign’s start – that escalator;
I promptly staked out my position: Chief Hater.
I went after China, the Middle East, Mexico…
And that’s just the first day! With so many left to go.

But even before Campaign 20-16,
Some hints of my hatred so many were seeing.
The Central Park Five (who were falsely accused)
Deserved the death penalty (I made the news).

Since back in the Seventies, you’ve seen my hate:
A renter of color? I’ll discriminate.
That lawsuit was something… I don’t want to dwell there,
But basically, I said all blacks were on welfare.

Return to the present day – I’ve denigrated
The folks in the caravan, who have migrated
Approaching our border and seeking asylum.
Instead of supporting, I’ve only defiled ‘em.

And then there’s Obama (both him and the missus) –
It’s hard to keep count of my boos and my hisses.
My wife’s better-looking, and he wasn’t born here;
You’ve not heard the last of my dislike and scorn here.

You’re hard-pressed to find one without AIDS, those Haitians.
I’ve seen Democrats in some bad situations.
Most Nazis are bad, but there’s some who are decent.
(I don’t mean from World War II — but more recent.)

“Horseface” and “low life” and “thief” and “disgusting”:
I say what I think; my words don’t need adjusting.
Migrants infesting our country like vermin.
If not for the U.S. – the French would speak German.

I recently said if I had a do-over
I’d like to sound softer – like puppies, and clover.
But since I got trounced in the midterm election
I’ve stopped making effort toward more self-reflection.

The insults and hatred, the rage and hostility
Will only increase. (I’ll still go after Hillary.)
Forget words of comfort; just more of this animus.
And all the while masking my core: pusillanimous.

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