Vote Cuisine

Once again I’m floating allegations of mass voter fraud.
Candidates who lost agree, while those who won say, “Ohmygawd!”
Disenfranchised – not an issue; requirements – some states may skirt,
But biggest threat comes from illegals who keep changing hat and shirt.

California (no surprise) appears to be the epicenter;
All illegals voting there. We build the wall – they’ll never enter.
Hundreds – thousands – MILLIONS vote illegally: put on the brakes!
Easier for them to vote than purchase Sugar Frosted Flakes.

Polls close; that should end it – yet for days and days we keep on counting.
Dems, who should have lost, now surge ahead and find their leads are mounting.
You never see a GOP-er, like the tortoise, pass the hare;
Democrats keep winning based on votes that yesterday weren’t there.

Never mind that mailed-in ballots must be counted from armed forces,
Absentees, expatriots, provisional and other sources.
Get it over quickly, and it doesn’t matter who objects.
That’s the way I think all matters should be handled (even sex).

Fraud should be the issue since I don’t believe in vote suppression.
Even though there’s never proof of widespread fraud, it’s my obsession.
Purge the voter rolls; trash any signatures we cannot make out –
We must take these steps, since otherwise democracy might break out.

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