A Threat To Justice Everywhere

Mike Pence showed up on television, speaking words of wisdom
(At least that is how I heard it; but some others think he is dumb).
He invoked the words of Martin Luther King, who said it’s now time
To make real something that’s promised – just like me, who won’t allow crime
To flow in across our southern border: build walls on the site there.
And like Doctor King, I also have a dream – but mine’s a nightmare.

For the second time in two weeks, I have found myself addressing
An imagined crisis, claiming rank-and-file Dems gave their blessing
To a plan to give me everything I want, plus restoration
Of protections I’d removed from certain people in our nation.
It’s like: I stole something valuable from you, yet don’t abhor me;
I will give it back – but only if you’re willing to reward me.

Just like Doctor King – I won’t back down from something unpropitious.
He got LBJ to sign the Civil Rights Act, and my wish is
To remove those very same rights if I don’t care for your heritage:
Get rid of chain migration (even though that’s what my marriage is);
Can’t serve if you’re transgender (like I would have, ‘cept for bone spurs);
You’re a government employee? Right now you’re all on your own, sirs.

Dr. King – he was a flawed man, as am I; not a straight arrow.
But his vision was expansive, whereas mine is rather narrow.
The struggle for equality for all: that is his legacy.
Whereas what I am fighting for is tied to white supremacy.
“Intelligence plus character” – his goal was for the growth of them.
I’m just like Doctor King – except, of course, in lacking both of them.

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