Ripe For Disruption

I ran hard on immigration and I’m looking for some “¡Bravo!”s
So I plan to close the border; shut it down in full and wholly.
I don’t care if there’s just three weeks’ worth supply of avocados,
I won’t shed a tear for Dems when they run out of guacamole.

I will not play games (except for golf, upon a country club course),
But as far as immigration goes: let’s stop the flood of migrants.
I am cutting aid to countries, three of them among the hub source,
Which will only make things worse as they all flee from crime and tyrants.

El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala – from there, flocks choose
To stream toward our southern border, where they all are met by lawyers.
Those three nations (part of Mexico, so say the folks at Fox News) –
Send folks stealing jobs (I’d know, since I’ve been one of their employers).

We’ve got some weak and very stupid Democrat-inspired laws.
In an hour, with a vote, I have no doubt we’d solve the quandary.
But the Democrats don’t care about the crime that has transpired, ‘cause
They would rather spend their time all trying to air my dirty laundry.

There’s no question there’s a problem, with these numbers quickly rising,
But instead of a humane approach, I opt for fear and fussin’.
I campaigned on anti-immigration, so it’s not surprising
This will poll well with my base (at least, according to Rasmussen).

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