If Not Now, Zen?

A long overseas flight that I had to slog through
So I could eat barbeque beef (it was Wagyu).
Then Kim called Joe Biden a “Swampman” – you dog, you!
I had a good time in Japan.

I hit a few balls on the golf course with Shinzo.
My handicap’s great; I was certain I’d win, so
I gave him some putts, ‘else our round would have been slow.
The “Shinze” said he’d talk to Iran.

I was the first leader to meet Naruhito.
He’s tiny – about the size of a mosquito.
More cheers for me than for him wherever we’d go:
I’m Carson to his Ed McMahon.

I said that the missiles Kim fired off were tiny;
That’s not Bolton’s take (he’s a pain in the heinie).
While Shinzo stood there, thinking, “Oh, Lordy – why me?”
It’s all part of my master plan.

Then off to watch sumo and see lots of butt crack.
I gave them a cup (not the kind for your nut sack).
It made me so happy, on tariffs I cut back:
I am the World’s Best Businessman.

Although the time spent in Japan was quite fleeting,
I managed to get in some time for my tweeting
And once again gave Jussie Smollett a beating.
Perhaps you can tell – not a fan.

I love spending time with the Shinze; we are close. He
Put on quite a spread – he’s a hell of a host. We
Cracked up when I bitched about Nancy Pelosi.
His nickname for me: “Ichiban.”

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