Going Viral

If you’re going to cough, please leave the room.
That means you’re sick, I must assume.
I’ve got to save strength for campaigning –
Don’t sneeze on me and say it’s raining.

It’s well-known how I don’t like germs,
And through my two (perhaps more?) terms
I’ll keep the White House disinfected.
Got the sniffles? You’re ejected.

I used to be an anti-vaxxer;
Didn’t matter what the facts were.
Now, however, I say maybe
Shots are good for every baby.

Fortunately, I’m robust.
Quite frankly – doctors I mistrust.
Don’t need ‘em, since my expertise is
Dodging all those with diseases.

Thanks to my genetic make-up,
Every single day I wake up.
My pulse is steady, never quickening –
It’s only how I rule that’s sickening.

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