Social Media’s Plummet

There’s Facebook and there’s Google and there’s Twitter – all are biased;
If they’d count the bots, my followers would surely rank the highest.
But they “shadow ban” – my tweets no longer take off like a rocket ship;
It’s almost as if folks now recognize they’re just a crock of shit.

But I am not alone in these conspiracies I’m peddling,
So I brought in many others; we’re all victims now of meddling
By the media gatekeepers and those stinking corporate censors.
So I organized this summit, for a group of crap dispensers.

Would I be here without social media? I like to think so.
But it makes it very easy all those times I choose to sink low
And insult my opposition, or give life to a conspiracy.
(I blame my thumbs when messages lapse into incoherency.)

Some of you are out there, and by “out there” I mean cuckoo,
Yet I still think you are geniuses, and I admire what you do.
What is labeled controversial I prefer to think as true words.
I can spread disinformation with support from all of you nerds.

If it weren’t for social media, we couldn’t get the facts out
Or be featured on Fox News when yet another of us acts out.
As you search for truth, remember: I’ve already done that; been there.
Here’s my secret: “Free Speech” means that you can spin it out of thin air.

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