Obscured Purview

No, I didn’t read the book – since I was waiting for the movie.
What was advertised as “Blockbuster!” was something of a flop.
Mueller failed if his intention was to show how to remove me.
It was more of a lost grip on – not intentional – mic drop.

I affixed the word “disaster” when describing his appearance:
His responses often halting, and his attitude laconic.
There’s a couple times he seemingly lapsed into incoherence
(And if you peruse my Twitter feed, you’ll find that point ironic).

‘Twas a great day for Republicans, and better still for me – so
Now it’s time we should forget about this all-time greatest Witch Hunt.
I am glad the stupid Democrats put on this big TV show.
Spending 40 million dollars and two-plus years? That’s sufficient.

NO COLLUSION, NO OBSTRUCTION! That’s the phrase that I adhered to,
As if all of this kerfuffle was about my reputation.
But the issue was elections – with which Russians interfered, through
Infiltrating the event of most importance in our nation.

So this failed to move the needle; Dems will not try to impeach me.
Robert Mueller seemed befuddled as he fingered through his copy.
While the law may have long arms, they’re not quite long enough to reach me.
Will I take more Russian help? Sure – since It seems no one can stop me.

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