Playing The Race Cad

I’m the least racist person you’ll find in the world;
No racist bones found in my torso.
And since that’s the case, then the only conclusion
Is everyone else must be more so.

Now, when I proclaim there’s no way I’m a racist,
It’s at my word I must be taken.
Like when someone Jewish insists they keep kosher –
But secretly nibbles on bacon.

Though I called out Cummings, and Reverend Al, also,
My tweets are not based on their pigment.
The Rev is a con man; Elijah’s corrupt:
And that is why I’m so indignant.

The phone at the White House is ringing non-stop,
With thousands of calls we have gotten.
And every black person from West Baltimore
Has told me that life there is rotten.

The more that I claim I’m not racist at all,
The more that’s established as fallacy.
The Baltimore gentleman holds his head high –
While I keep on treating him callously.

I’m getting some traction from sending these tweets;
The next round you’d all better brace for.
To be re-elected, my choice now is clear: to
Go all out by launching a race war.

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