Out Of Option Plays

Taylor, the Ambassador?
That man is a Never Trumper.
Came off the bench, as it were,
For Yovanovitch (I dumped her).

I am not sure why we hired him
(Let’s ignore his résumé).
Mike Pompeo sure admired him;
Clearly, I don’t (yet you may).

In his recent testimony
He made damning allegations.
I can’t claim they are baloney
Since they’re sound at their foundations.

Countless others found him credible –
He’s a man of rectitude.
(As compared to my forgettable
Struggles with ineptitude).

Yet despite his years in combat,
And a sterling reputation,
I have tried to throw a bomb at
Him; blow up this situation.

The Republicans have seizures;
Saying process isn’t pretty.
(This, despite those GOPers
Who are part of the committees.)

All the GOP can muster
Is to pull some silly stunt. So
Now, amidst this fuck that’s cluster,
Desperation fills the front row.

Watch out, folks, for human scum;
My critics are on respirators.
I want to force exclusion from
More help to Dem investigators.

There’s such depth within this vast mess;
Controversy may outlive me.
Yet I’ll fight it to my last breath –
Taking probity down with me.

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