Id Pro Quo

It doesn’t really matter what I do or why I do it;
Doesn’t matter what the reasons are, or whether I thought through it.
I don’t have to seek approval or ask anyone’s permission:
I’m your President, and that means I’m correct – by definition.

The ends will always justify the means, so what’s the problem?
If some bombs resolve an issue, then just go ahead and lob ‘em.
If a drone strike isn’t authorized, it really doesn’t matter.
If a woman dares to criticize, just tweet some insults at her.

If you want to build a wall, but hit a snag with its approval,
Raid the military budget to secure the funds’ removal.
If the Constitution says that what you’re doing is baloney,
Just dismiss our founding fathers and proclaim a section “phony.”

When you’re caught up in a lie, despite your innocence-proclaiming,
Point a finger at your rival and accuse them of the same thing.
When the facts do not add up, or undermine what you’re asserting,
Then create your own statistics, even if they’re disconcerting.

If a foreign leader treats his horde in ways that make your gut weak,
Just ignore it – if he plants his lips upon your ample butt cheek.
If a family seeking freedom flees here for their own survival:
Send them back; have them arrested; split them up upon arrival.

If you rail about due process, but the evidence indicts you;
If free speech – not yours, but others’ – only angers and incites you;
If you’re not a man of scruples but an easily coerced one:
Then perhaps you can be President. So what if you’re the worst one?

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