Dally ‘Round The Flag

I sure love “The Star-Spangled Banner” –
I know almost all of the words to it.
To kneel’s a display of bad manners;
It’s equally just as absurd to sit.

But if, while the others are singing,
With heart underneath where they’ve tucked their hand,
You see my arms wildly swinging –
It’s just that I chose to conduct the band.

While others may have lovely voices,
I’m not one you’d care to hear vocalize.
While others stand reverent, my choice is
To point at my friends and to socialize.

No one loves our flag more than I do;
Around it I’ll wrap both my arms at times.
Remember my angry reply to
Those dissing the stripes and bright stars that shine.

My action was not disrespectful;
Just one more display of “perfection.” I’m
Beyond all disgust, yet expect you’ll
Forget this affront by election time.

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