A Blame Response

As this virus spreads, I think you’ve all learned
When it comes to your health, I am not that concerned.
I’ve provided mixed messages as regards your health –
The thing that I seem to be focused on more? Wealth.

Instead of calm leadership, what I’ve provided
Are grievances, serving to make us divided.
I’ve blamed the Fake News, and the Fed, and the Dem’crats:
Attacking ad hominem; called all of them rats.

My focus has been on the stock market, seeing
The impact on industry – not your well-being.
It wasn’t my fault, all these problems with test kits;
I said it’s Obama where I feel blame best fits.

I seem more concerned with the impact on cruise lines,
While claiming this came on quite quickly, with few signs –
Ignoring the fact I routinely dismantled
The agencies who would have gotten this handled.

I tell everyone, “We’ll get past this; remain calm.”
And yet it seems everyone’s sharing the same qualm:
When we need to hear the straight scoop, not some fat lie –
Increasingly it’s become clear: I’m not *that guy*.

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