Praising Hell

I see a strong light at the end of the tunnel.
Tomorrow – or maybe the next day — the sun’ll
Shine brightly and make everything copacetic,
And take people’s minds off about how pathetic
The job is I’ve done in response to this virus:
Providing results that are less than desirous.

There’s more people dead now than during a war
That I lied to get out of – and still there’ll be more.
But if I had done nothing at all, I point out,
Then a million or more would be dead; there’s no doubt.
The best I can do when it comes to this suffering
Is say that I’m literally better than nothing.

While millions of people are furloughed from working,
It’s kind of ironic that I’m the one shirking
My duties and claiming that I’m not accountable
For problems piled up that seem nigh insurmountable:
Testing, economy, processing plants –
And don’t get me started on small business grants.

And yet, I keep speaking of all my achievements,
While barely make mention of those in bereavement.
I praise Jared Kushner, who says we’ll be rocking
Again soon – which, honestly, most folks find shocking.
While I keep insisting that I’ve made the right moves
The polling shows, come this November, I might lose.

If I can get things turned around by July
(Keeping focus away from how many more die),
Then perhaps you’ll award me with Term Number Two:
Another four years I will sure slumber through.
I may not do more, but I sure couldn’t do less –
But more are now clued in that I appear clueless.

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