Masked Intentions

I won’t be pictured in a mask, and therefore neither will Mike Pence;
It makes us look like we’re afraid of demonstrating common sense.
To take the word of so-called “experts” – I’m, and also Mike’s, a cynic;
Ergo, no surprise that Mike went mask-less at the Mayo Clinic.

Mike performed an elbow-bump with people who were getting treatment.
Just as long as no one sneezed, I don’t think he deserves this heat. Vent
All you like, but Mike’s been tested many times – and so far he’s
Made clear he doesn’t understand the threat that’s posed by this disease.

I don’t understand it either, as is seen by my prediction:
Cases will go down to zero, which has now been proved as fiction.
Ultimately, I believe that number’s one that we can reach –
As soon as tests confirm that everyone should start injecting bleach.

When asked about more tests, both Mike and I will answer: “Very soon.”
We’ve said that they’d be ready – first in March, then April, May… now June.
Despite my pledge, my testing czar makes clear: goal of five million tests
Just can’t be done on Earth, or any other planet, he suggests.

Another case of “Don’t do as we do” – instead, “Do as we say.”
Both Mike and I think pretty soon this virus will all go away.
We’re quick to disregard the scientists whose findings might displease us.
I’ve got great faith in my gut, and Mike has placed his in Lord Jesus.

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