Ignorance’s Blitz

The vaccine is coming along in October.
One stick from a needle: this plague will be over.
So once everyone has been inoculated,
votes mailed in for Biden will all be vacated.

This pending election I’m sure to prevail in,
as long as I get my hands on all the mail-in
and votes unsolicited, since they will clearly
cut into my chances of winning, severely.

A vote for Joe Biden, I think, is misguided
since Democrat votes will have all been decided
before the vaccine has been widely distributed,
and credit I’m solely due has been attributed.

But in the run-up to this next big election,
no need to wear masks as you wait for injection.
Ignore what the scientists tell you to do
since nobody but me knows what’s bestest for you.

The CDC head – he’s their top standard-bearer –
made several pronouncements, all clearly in error.
He’s wrong on the timetable, wrong about masking;
For his resignation I may soon be asking.

Despite all the deaths that we’ve seen, I keep praising
the job that I’ve done – nothing short of amazing.
A vaccine means you’ll have forgotten the harm
since my campaign is what needs this shot in the arm.

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