Casino Evil

The odds of Biden’s win were less than one in a quadrillion –
as long as you count votes cast just by Trump-inclined civilians.
Then take that one quadrillion and expand it exponentially,
which proves beyond a doubt I’ll be the victor here – eventually.

The science of probability predicts, when coins are tossed,
how often I’ll expect to win compared to times you’ve lost.
It’s heads I win and tails you lose, each outcome just as likely;
but losing’s unacceptable – it’s not part of my psyche.

The “bookies,” as they’re so-called, using undisputed reasoning,
called my win on Election Night, at 10:00 P.M. that evening.
But now, with all your voting rights, it’s time for me to gamble
and toss away the Liberty declared in the Preamble.

The A.G. down in Texas filed a lawsuit – it’s a beaut!
It matters not that all his math and arguments are moot.
I’ve said this is the big one in which I will intervene,
despite a gross misuse here of regression toward the mean.

Now, one and one are two; that simple fact is unassailed.
If I lose this election, there a good chance I’ll be jailed.
I’ll ignore 3,000 dead per day, while millions get sick –
pinning my survival on a scheme trigonometric.

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