Wishin’ For Sedition

The TV show opened with me on a stage;
a yu-u-u-ge crowd before me, all seething with rage.
I plied them with lies as I riled up the crowd,
then I had them march someplace where they weren’t allowed.

It’s the Capitol building, with access restricted,
where they should stay outside – but then, as predicted,
they pushed their way inside, with chaos ensuing.
Of course, all this tumult was none of my doing.

Mike Pence (coward – as of last time I spoke to –)
was rushed from the chamber as my faction broke through.
They bypassed the metal detectors and guards,
and in some cases smashed big glass windows to shards.

All the Senators, and Representatives, too,
had to run for their lives from the hullabaloo
as the mob fought their way in and charged past authorities.
(It would have been different if they’d been minorities.)

The action the Congress was taking – disrupted.
Democracy rendered inert and corrupted.
At least one peace officer thought he could help these
seditious anarchists by posing for selfies.

This broadcast, where I was top-billed as the lead,
took over all networks and each cable feed.
I turned on my flat-screen and watched it with glee,
since all the discussion was focused on me.

But then things got really chaotic and frightening,
as bullets were fired, and tensions were heightening.
A woman was shot dead; more met their demise –
and all because I chose to self-aggrandize.

Responding to pleas to address the uprising,
the way that I chose to reply was surprising:
as tear gas was fired and authorities shoved them,
I posted a video; said that I loved them.

Democracy, ultimately, was upheld.
Yet much time went by before I was compelled
to disparage the violence and then, in addition,
commit to an orderly, seamless transition.

The fallout continues, with many resigning.
Of my presidency, this moment’s defining.
Will I be impeached, or resign voluntarily,
or perhaps escorted out, militarily?

This program, for four years in which I’ve been top-billed,
is soon to be canceled – it led to a cop killed.
Because I refused to accept the election,
I chose to encourage enraged insurrection.

There’s only one question that still is remaining:
Will anyone listen as I keep complaining?
The Donald Trump Show – these events have laid bare:
it should have been long-ago yanked off the air.

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