Freedom from speech

You can say anything that you like in this land, just as long as you don’t disagree.
You can live a life filled with great riches and strength, if you pledge your allegiance to me.
You can come to my rallies and cheer me aloud, as they’re staged from sea to shining sea.
You can stand up for what you believe in, my friends — just as long as you don’t take a knee.

For so long there has been no support for the hard-working people who are middle class.
You really don’t need health insurance, my friends — so I’ll take you all back to the past.
Back in the day everything was so great, when my real estate realm was amassed.
And we weren’t concerned about Rocket Man, Muslims, or footballin’ pains in the ass.

I really despise everyone who shows lack of respect for our flag’s stripes and spangles.
A veteran gave me his Medal of Honor. I love how it jingles and jangles!
Now, I didn’t serve since I coughed up a doctor’s note, saying my feet were both mangled.
Thank goodness I live in a country that offered deferments once I worked the angles.

Bob Corker’s a pussy that I’d like to grab, and shake him and toss him aside.
I’m tired of his comments and put-downs and tweets — and Ben Sasse has also been snide.
My base still supports me, whatever I do. And Mike Pence is stuck to my side.
You see what I did to Tom Price — he screwed up, so I kicked his ass to the curbside.

No one controls me but me — that’s a fact. Not Kelly, Ivanka or Bannon.
I’ll get rid of anyone if I catch wind of some kind of a coup they are plannin’.
I don’t give a shit what the media thinks; those fake reports I’m a “loose cannon.”
You know what I’ll do, just to get them incensed? I’ll bring back ol’ Pat J. Buchanan!

Forty-four others have served in this office. Just ten months in, I’m Number One!
None of the others — and this is the truth — ever managed to do what I’ve done.
I thought being Pres would be easy. I thought leadership would be fun.
I don’t get the credit I think I deserve; some doubt it’s legit that I won.

But that doesn’t matter. I’m in the White House… and not Crooked Hillary – see?
I’m draining the swamp like you wouldn’t believe, and to do that you can’t fly for free.
Once I get everything back to the way that it was, then the people will idolize me.
I’ll bask in the glory I richly deserve, as will my sweet Wife Number Three.

There’ll be no more protests, the flag will fly high. Our place in the world will be strong.
The choice for you people will come down to this: You can go if you can’t get along.
You will stand at attention, salute as I pass, while a marching band plays that great song.
And slowly you’ll stop with the torment of asking yourself, “How did things go so wrong?”

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