And a little child will lead them

My name is Barron Trump. I know you haven’t really seen me much.

My Daddy is the President. He makes the laws and rules and such.

Off-limits to the paparazzi since I’m just an adolescent;

No awkward photo ops as I emerge from being pre-pubescent.

My Daddy’s very busy fixing stuff and fighting off accusers.

He once whispered to me, “Son, you’ve got to crush those dopes and losers!”

You wanna know a secret that would even make a schoolgirl laugh?

He preps for meetings with his generals by watching me play World of Warcraft.

The other day I saw a video — a girl of ten or so

Was taken from her family since they all came here from Mexico.

This little girl was sick. While riding in a speeding ambulance

Went through a border checkpoint — her identity was found askance.

The border cops all followed her as she went to the hospital.

She had an operation — then they took her! Seems impossible!

I guess she shouldn’t be here; she’s not legally in the USA.

They wouldn’t let her go home. She could be deported any day.

This little girl, her mom and dad all crossed improperly our border.

I know that is wrong — but jeez! Authorities had to report her?

She came here at just three months old, so I don’t think she knew at all

Where she was going. This won’t happen once my Daddy builds that wall.

Some people say this family was stealing — coverage obtained from

Medicaid, instead of poorer treatment back there where they came from.

I’m not sure just what is right or wrong here. But it seems to me

It’s cruel to take this poor, sick girl away from all her family.

The ICE knows where the family lives; I read it was in Texas.

Seems they could have showed up anytime to deal with what this mess is.

I’ll ask Dad to fix this just by doing something presidential.

Let me see if Kelly will agree to put me on Dad’s schedule.

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