Quit Dickens Around

It’s a Trumpian Christmas, and you know what that means:
A series of tweets just this side of obscene.
Most recently Trumpy has focused his ire
On FBI agents, claiming they are for hire.
He signed a big bill – a taxation farrago —
Then skipped out of town, headed for Mar-A-Lago.
While most of us are on our bestest behavior,
It’s only Trump who believes he is our savior.
He’s stacking the courts with unqualified judges,
And using his office to settle his grudges.
He told Chuck and Nancy he’d handle the Dreamers,
But now says the Dems are obstructionists and schemers.
He threw his support all behind Judge Roy Moore,
Who won’t leave the building, although shown the door.
Someone who still has his ear is Steve Bannon;
A GOP overthrow they say he’s plannin’.
Word is the Russia probe has in its sights
Son-in-law Kushner, which must cause some frights.
Still Trump proclaims, “There is no proof of collusion!
The Fake News is making it up – all illusion!”
But somewhere, Mike Flynn – once in power, now lonely –
Is giving Bob Mueller some great testimony.
The Dems are aligning, preparing to reach
A strategy they can enact to impeach.
As people prepare for the holiday season,
Both sides make accusations of treason.
It’s been a tough year, and the next looks much tougher.
While it may not kill us, it sure makes us suffer.
Despite all of this, there’s still reason to cheer:
A glimmer of hope surely soon will appear.
We all got a laugh from Trump animatronic
Who looked like he’d posed after a high colonic.
And one event sure to make all bright and merry:
In Times Square they’re bringing back Mariah Carey!

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