Hot Town, Summit In The City

All of a sudden, the DPRK
Is claiming the summit may soon go away.
Pompeo says, “Hey – what’s gone wrong? What’s the matter? Will
De-nuking no longer be unilateral?”

Kim Jong-un countered with, “Here’s a surprise:
We no longer have plans to denuclearize.”
The U.S. thought this was already agreed to,
Kim says, “Don’t claim we ever tried to mislead you.”

It seems as though this summit went off the rails
When John Bolton went on TV to avail
Himself of a chance to make reference to Libya.
This did not at all tickle Kim Jong-un’s tibia.

The reference to Libya, from 2004,
Suggested to Kim that there might be a war.
Just like Muammar Gaddafi, he might then get the boot:
Be deposed as the leader; give up his pantsuit.

The spokesman for Kim said they’d felt in the past
The quality Bolton put forth was dead last.
And now they perceived his appearance as smugness,
Which led to a feeling toward him of repugnance.

This whole situation of negotiation
Among North and South and U.S. – now frustration.
The U.S. claims this meeting’s still on Trump’s schedule
Since this get-together just screams “presidential.”

If there is no summit, then there sure won’t be
A Nobel Peace Prize given to D.J.T.
But maybe our POTUS avoids devastation
If they hand out trophies for participation.

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