Stand And Forgiver

As sure as the world is a dangerous place;
As sure I mocked Carly Fiorina’s face;
As sure as the Earth ‘round the Sun has revolved –
We can’t be *that* sure MbS was involved.

They say that Khashoggi was not a good guy.
I spoke with the Crown Prince; I don’t think he’d lie.
He said he did not tell his men to dismember –
‘Cause if he had done so, I’m sure he’d remember.

They say there’s a tape, but I don’t want to hear it.
That info from Turkey: don’t want to get near it.
The King and the Crown Prince have issued denials,
And said they’re preparing for twenty-one trials.

The truth of this matter may never be known,
So I’ll stick with reaping from what has been sown.
I’m hoping the Saudis will never mislead me.
(I act as if I need them more than they need me.)

There’s hundreds of billions of dollars at stake,
And up to a million new jobs (give or take).
My foes dis my claims the Crown Prince is a saint;
Well… maybe he is one and maybe he ain’t!

The death of Khashoggi, who some claimed an enemy,
Is just a speed bump on our path to serenity.
Our partnership, I intend, will remain steadfast –
And won’t be derailed over who was found dead last.

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