Foul With Laughter

Stayed up late watching SNL:
Lorne Michaels – he can go to hell.
I don’t like that on NBC
They keep on making fun of me.

Last time I watched Alec Baldwin?
NBC exec – I called one.
Said to yank him off the air;
Shouldn’t ridicule my hair.

It’s said I have no sense of humor.
More #FakeNews, that’s just a rumor.
When it’s called for, I’ll play the part:
Just like Roseanne, or Kevin Hart.

I also think it quite amusing
When I claim *wins* most think as *losing.*
Like when I won the midterm plebiscite
Because we held the Senate – amiright?

I break out in a big guffaw
When I flout every rule of law.
When I claim immigrants are hostile,
See milk shoot right out my nostrils.

I tried to come up with some quips
When Zinke took his wife on trips.
I found myself enrobed in mirth
When they said climate change dooms Earth.

Late at night, you’ll hear me giggling
As out of what was said, I’m wriggling.
Those payments I denied with clarity
Are now a source of great hilarity.

And now enjoy my greatest merriment:
Obamacare – a failed experiment.
It’s funny how I keep insisting
The GOP loves pre-existing.

Here’s a joke: “Knock knock!” “Who’s there?”
“Trump!” “Trump who?” “Trump who won fair!”
It always makes folks cry right after…
But maybe those tears aren’t from laughter.

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