Katy Barr The Door

William Barr’s my nominee for A.G. (smart – and pudgy).
Everyone is curious if, when approved, just what he
Will do with the report that all the world’s anticipating.
(Even though I’m innocent and won’t be abdicating.)

He served as an A.G. under Bush (the one who’s passed);
Senators now looking at the record he amassed.
In the past he claimed that there was no irregularity
Based on color in the justice system; no disparity.

That sits well with me, since I am clearly the least prejudiced
Man you’ll ever meet (unlike Steve King; quite the polemicist).
Everyone condemns the language Steve used in some interviews.
(All except for me, since I’m not following what’s in the news.)

Barr says due to age and background he cannot be bullied;
Thinks he’ll work for me without his reputation sullied.
I suppose that’s possible – though not too likely, that is.
(Reference: Kelly, Cohn, McMaster… everyone but Mattis.)

I was disappointed in the lousy job Jeff Sessions did for me
But now I trust that William Barr will stop the Justice skid for me.
Hope he’ll have my back and prove that he’ll be a true-blue one;
Otherwise, he’d best prepare that I’ll rip him a new one.

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