Just Another D-Day

A nasty, vindictive and horrible person.
(Stopped short of the c-word, so coulda been worse.) And
The words “jerk” and “fool” are two more you heard me say.
It makes sense I’d launch an attack – it was D-Day.

So, Nancy (who now has a nickname – it’s “Nervous”)
Is doing our country, and me, a disservice.
She said that she wanted to see me in prison…
The Dems lashing out with their endless derision.

Chuck Schumer’s the jerk, and the fool I call “Bobby”
Has just sown confusion regarding the job he
And all of his Democrat hires, who were horrible
And angry and biased and truly incorrigible…

… But what was my point? I’m not sure if I had one.
So, back to Pelosi – her district’s a bad one.
While I’m overseas, she should not try to menace me.
(But me and the Queen, she and I had great chemistry.)

In front of white crosses, so neatly aligned,
I lashed out at foes, whom I chose to malign.
A discourse that our First Amendment provides for –
But is this what those young men laid down their lives for?

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