Impeach Pit

This one’s a spy, and another’s a liar.
There’s no question here; I released the entire
Call transcript, including each word and each comma.
Just leaf through the document – where’s all the drama?

Well… it’s almost complete; there’s a couple ellipses…
Some comments unseen; perhaps more of a strip tease.
While strippers use pasties so not all’s revealed;
You still know what’s behind them – despite what’s concealed.

You can’t be believed if, when pulling the lever
For President you’d select Donald Trump never.
If someone won’t vote for me, that means they’re suspect
And clearly a member of some just-can’t-trust sect.

It matters not whether you’ve been in the service,
Or whether your actions are meant to preserve us
And all of the freedoms that we take for granted.
If you don’t support me, your viewpoint is slanted.

So, as this inquiry moves into the next phase
I’ll pressure the GOP more, and suggest ways
That they should be mounting a stronger defense of me
Since everything I’ve done is perfect… ostensibly.

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