TIME’s Not On My Side

TIME magazine? Your cover sucks.
Of course, I do not give two fucks,
Since more than once I’ve had my photo
On your cover. (Lots, in toto.)

Greta Thunberg’s just a teen – she
Made a face when she’d last seen me.
She has got to work on anger.
(Funny how she sparks my rancor.)

She should go and see a movie.
Since she doesn’t think I’m groovy,
She may not like Two Weeks Notice
(Filmed before I was the POTUS).

I was also in Zoolander.
Greta – I don’t understand her;
Climate change just isn’t real. She
Shouldn’t be acclaimed, ideally.

Once before I tweeted at her;
That post also caused some chatter.
My tone then was also mocking –
So, who finds this new tweet shocking?

Bullying – my wife’s against it.
Some folks say (they’re now incensed), “Quit
Picking on this teenaged activist;
You’re providing unattractive grist.”

I’ve a right to my opinion:
She’s a loser; I’ve got thin skin.
Know what I did (not too shoddy)?
Pasted my face on her body.

Once you are a public person
Gloves come off; feedback will worsen.
It was her choice to be famous.
Mine? To be an ignoramus.

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