Court and Snark

Sotomayor –
She’s a dolor
In my cabeza;
She’s a disgrace. A
Stay she opposed, so
It seems that she shows no
Respect for what I want:
See Twitter for my taunt.

I found her dissent quite
Unfair, since it went right
Against my position –
So now I am bitchin’
About her opinion.
A squabble? I’m in one.
When people defy me
You know I get whiny.

And also Ruth Bader:
(Another Trump-hater
Who called me a “faker.”)
I’d sure like to make her
A former Court Justice;
How clear my disgust is.
I’d like to ensure this
Court’s filled with Trump purists.

These gals: not behind me
It’s clear they’ve maligned me.
If they don’t recuse,
Then I’ll sure blow a fuse.
Neil G. and my boy Brett:
Forever in my debt.
When three more acquiesce –
I’m assured of success.

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