Nothing To Sneeze At

The risk to all is very low;
Just wash your hands ten times or so
Each hour – and, what’s even wiser:
Slather on hand sanitizer.

If your friends are sick, avoid hugs;
Offer them, instead, steroid drugs.
If they mention fever or an ache, then
Scarce you quickly ought to make them.

Rush Limbaugh says it’s likely this
Is just the common cold, dismiss-
Ing every scientific fact.
(He’ll have to give his medal back.)

Now in charge: my man, Mike Pence.
He’s chockful of experience
At stopping ills successfully.
(Unless, of course, it’s HIV.)

Coronavirus spread: inevitable
The experts say – and yet I bet it’ll lull
By April, once a little warmer:
True or False? I choose the former.

Our doctors are all virtuosi;
The real culprit here? Pelosi.
The Dems you all should be appalled by.
If I lose this fall? You’ll all die.

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